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Antique Bell / Japanese / Bronze / Shinto Shrine Bell

Antique Bell / Japanese / Bronze / Shinto Shrine Bell
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Antique Bell / Japanese / Bronze / Shinto Shrine Bell



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Long tapered handle fits into bell. Bell/clapper separate pieces. The sound created by the bell is a plea to the gods/whom the drums have called down to earth/to remain here. Ritual bell for meditation practice/place/home/temple entrance. People arriving for blessing ring bell to tell the local deity of their arrival to be blessed. Wonderful old Buddhist ward off demons ritual bell for Buddhist priest. Bell placed at the temple entrance. People arriving for blessing ring bell to tell the local deity of their arrival to be blessed. Buddhist bells used in prayer/rituals by Buddhist practitioners. Bell produces a clear tone that vibrates for meditation. Bell is thick/produce a unique ringing tone. Antique bells were made from sacred 7 metal bronze alloys that produce harmonic overtones. Bell is unique in form & function/distinctly different from Indian, Nepali, Chinese or Turkish bells. Today, bells are used along with singing bowls/other instruments in meditation, music & sound healing to create a sonic tapestry effect. Traditionally, bells are used as part of specific Tibetan rituals, such as offerings to "hungry ghosts." While they are commonly found today in musical recordings & yoga classes, their real function is as a religious ritual tool. Shinto shrine, a Buddhist temple is not primarily a place of worship: its most important buildings are used for the safekeeping of sacred objects & are not accessible to worshipers. There are specialized buildings for certain rites, but these are usually open only to a limited number of participants. Religious mass gatherings in the style of Christian churches do not take place with regularity & are not held inside the temple. If many people are involved in a ceremony, it will assume a festive character & will be held outdoors. At Shinto shrines, large Suzu drape over entrances, as it is said that ringing them calls kami, allowing one to acquire positive power & authority, while repelling evil.

  • Antique & Collectible Pre -1940 Age Unknown 8 x 2.80 x 2.80 Inch

  • Buddhist Altar /Meditation Bell to Benefit All Sentient Beings

  • Native Japanese Bronze Shinto Shrine Bell / 3 Piece Large Bell

  • Display Buddhist/Hindu Altar to Support Free India, Burma, Japan, Tibet & Nepal

  • Dakini Blessed Reiki Tummo Infused by Reiki Master

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