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Drum Tibetan Decorated Damaru Meditation Drum Chod Ritual

Drum Tibetan Decorated Damaru Meditation Drum Chod Ritual
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Drum Tibetan Decorated Damaru Meditation Drum Chod Ritual



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Mystery & Magic of Tibet 1930. Traveling as the Lady Lama, camped near a Lama's hut she observes his student for several days, waiting for the Lama to agree to see her. She is concerned for the thin, unhealthy appearance of the young monk. She follows him at sunset into the mountains, hides to watch the student perform Chod. It is dark & he chose a spot to erect his tent near where a body has been wrapped & left in the open. He is chanting loudly & beating his drum, working himself to the point of frenzy. He doesn't realize that the body is near. Every time he stops making a racket with the drum & chanting, the wolves creep closer, wanting the body for a meal. Ms Neel is worried for his health & calls to him. It scares him so bad that he trips over a tent stake & is knocked unconsciious. Later, he comes to & resumes beating the drum until he passes out again. This goes on so many times that Ms Neel goes back to her tent & early next morning bursts in on the old Lama to tell him what had happened. The old Lama is laughing so hard he is rolling on the floor. Lady Lama tells him she herself has performed Chod. She doesn't understand his lack of concern for the young monk in his charge, given his gaunt & unhealthy appearance. The lama says to her, we send them out alone to do Chod, until they know that the things they are afraid of are all within their own mind creation. He further states that as an old Lama wise in the ways of Chod, he now only performs Chod in the company of other old Lamas. They sit around drinking barley beer, hootin & hollerin, but mostly laughing about all them young monks scareing themselves silly. Ms Neel says she is most worried for the health of this serious & gaunt young monk. The old Lama looks her in the eye, smiles & tells her that every one of his students understands that the short path is dangerous & can lead to a premature death.

  • Good clear sound Tight Skin Makes a Superior Chod Drum

  • Tibetan Resin, Coral & Water Deer Skin / 6 x 5 x 3.75 Inch

  • Tibetan Sacred Drum to Benefit All Sentient Beings

  • Use to Support Free Tibet & Nepal

  • Dakini Blessed Reiki Tummo Infused by Reiki Master

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