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White Jade Buddha Statue

White Jade Buddha Statue
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White Jade Buddha Statue



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Making offerings to me now and making offerings to me in the future will produce equal merit. For thousands of years jade is a symbol of love, virtue & status. Ancient people believed jade the essence of Heaven & Earth, so they carved jade into birds, beasts & worshiped it as totems. Witchcraft applied jade as a percussion instrument since it sounded pleasing to the ear & traveled far. Jade became a musical instrument. Confucius concluded jade had 11 virtues, benevolence, fidelity, polite etiquette, wisdom & sincerity, etc. It was not only a decoration but also a symbol of ethics & norms. People associated jade with heroes. Jade stood for Heaven, Earth, east, west, south, north & emperors. A messenger between Heaven & mankind. Chinese people believed jade had supernatural power. Using jade wares & jade ornaments could resist invasion of evil influence, avoid evil apparitions, secure safety & auspiciousness. Jade was highly regulated in ancient China. It could be shaped into only a few catagories of goods that included: imperial, aristricrats, military, religious & grave goods. Chinese tombs were loaded with goods to be used in the afterlife as in Egypt & South American early civilizations. Many of these early carvings had sacred meanings & were included as ancient burial offerings. Jade is cool to the touch & rings like iron when tapped. For 5,000 years jade has been shaped by abraiding with water & sand. It is the second strongest mineral next to diamond & was once considered more valuable than gold in the Orient. Mineralization from tomb moisture may be present & appear as a white crystalization on the surface. If jade has been laid on the body then the iron in blood turns it red (blood jade). When jade has laid on silver then it turns black. Amulets protect a person from trouble & bring good luck & protection to its owner. Amulets include: gems, especially engraved gems, statues, coins, drawings, pendants, rings, plants, animals, words.

  • Antique and Collectible Pre-1800 Age Unknown

  • Buddha Sacred Image to Benefit All Sentient Beings

  • Natural Color Old Jade Discoloration After Burial

  • Display Buddhist Altar/Home or Office to Support Free Tibet & Nepal

  • 2.25 x 1.5 x .85 Inch TantricBuddhistRelics ***** Rating

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